About us

English We, 3 mums who have never met in person, are setting up a company!

Without knowing, we shared the common vision of running a company that enables women to shape work to life and not life to work.


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A day like any other. Breakfast with the children in the morning. The older children go to school – the little ones are taken to daycare. Cellphone ringing. Videocall from Switzerland. „Good morning girls! How was your night? What is on the schedule today?“ The usual morning briefing.

Yes, that´s how it works with us. English We don’t know each other personally, have never seen each other, never shook hands, never hugged. We live 500 km away from each other. We love and trust each other anyway. We are a very strong team!

Grown together from a chance encounter on the Internet. Linda lives in the beautiful Eifel very close to Trier, the oldest city in Germany, Karin in the middle of the beautiful Franconia and Victoria in Switzerland on the beautiful Lake Zurich.
We are 500 km apart and we have found a great way to work together.
This is something that distinguishes us significantly from other companies.
We work remote. This enables us to cope with the everyday family life and at the same time to fulfill the dream of running a company. We can stay as we are and live out our strengths every day! That´s our philosophy!

We are 3 strong women, 3 mamas, 3 founders who cannot be bent. We women are unique and the mouthpiece of this world. Every woman is just the way she is, just perfect!

But why a manicure-company?

Victoria’s daughter was given nail stickers with animal motifs during a visit to the zoo. Victoria noticed that these held up very well and were very easy to use, the idea came up to offer something like this in plain colors for adults.

We were able to bring in our many years of beauty experience and innovative strength and we know exactly what is required. So we are for example the first on the market who develop a transparent carrier. Together with the manufacturer, we developed the integrated top coat, the thickness of the films and the special shape and sizes. The surface structure of the integrated top coat is optimally aligned with our UV-COAT, so that we were able to achieve a perfect manicure with a hold of 14+ days with our process.

But we are far from finished and keep tinkering and developing to make the MANIFIX experience even more perfect.

With MANIFIX you underline your personality and you can be, who and how you really are! EXACTLY RIGHT!

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Victoria Leverkus, Linda Grundheber & Karin Wenzel