Properties of our UV TEST LAMP

We would like to inform you about the properties and special features of our UV TEST LAMP.

Why free and without guarantee?

When we received samples from our manufacturer at the time and they all worked perfectly, we decided with a clear conscience to order a large quantity of these in order to be able to offer them to our customers together with our UV-Coat and later also with our UV-GELWRAPS.

After a while, however, we found out together with our customers that a very small percentage of the lamps are unfortunately very poorly processed and therefore quickly break. However, since it was only about 1% and it is very seldom possible to determine in advance which exactly are affected, we decided to offer the lamps free of charge with our sets. Unfortunately, it was too late to complain to the manufacturer.

Thus we can immediately and without detours enable you to simply try out our complete UV system without having to buy an expensive, professional lamp.

Another tip to extend the shelf life: Insert the MINI-USB plug into the lamp and leave the plug simply plugged in if possible.

Since we are ECO, it would be fatal to just throw away all the practical mini lamps that work 99% perfectly for months.

Of course, a free gift excludes a guarantee.

What do I do if my lamp does not work on the first try?

If your lamp does not work the first time you try it and you have not been able to test the system at least once, we ask you to let us know. We will be happy to send you a new one.

How is the UV TEST LAMP to be operated?

The UV TEST LAMP can be connected to any mobile phone power supply, for example, using the USB cable provided.

If you press the button on the back only briefly, it stays on for 45 seconds – if you hold the button down for a longer time, it stays on for exactly 60 seconds – exactly the time that our UV GELWRAPS and our UV COAT need to cure.

To switch off prematurely, simply press the button again.

We wish you a lot of fun with our products and please do not hesitate to contact us if you are dissatisfied – via WhatsApp 0171-6534679 (Linda Grundheber) +41 76 588 05 66 (Victoria Leverkus) or e-mail to or even easier via our contact form .

We are an innovative company, which we can only be with honest customer opinions.

Only these enable us to get better and better.

Best regards from your MANIFIX TEAM!

Victoria Leverkus & Linda Grundheber