in times of closed studios.

Corona did change so much!

Had this article been written two years ago, it would probably have been about nail foils & gel foils and their durability … Nail- and gelwraps with so many dising possibilities. Nail- and gewraps and their advantages.

But in this world, we are living now, everything had changed about manicure.

Studios all over are often closed all over the world. The mounthly routine, to go to the studio is lost.

80% of us are having children. In Germany kindergarten and grandparents are not available.

And now, if the studios are maybe opened again for example in Switzerland, they won´t got – because corona.

A lot of us, so have to do they´re nails on themselves at home.

But doing your nails with gel or shellac is very hard.

It is easy to not register your nature nails under a thick gel-layer.

Normally we do not care, if nails are growing out. Because, normally you know, you can visit your studio.

But now the nails are growing out, possibly breaking off, starting to look ugly … and you know very well that you have no chance to do your nails by yourself.

Or even worse .. Every day you see a nail post and you want nothing more, than to have such beautiful nails.

Most of women try to remove the gel off of their nails. And that it became a real revelation.

Very bad nail damages

Then comes the shock. After you have managed to actually remove your gel nails with pride, you will see for the first time that your nails have been doing badly under the large layer of gel polish or shellac and that your nails are actually really damaged … and now they are really in need of professional help.

And that you will need a really professional.

MANIFIX in Cooperation with Glow Concierge as solution for damaged nails.

MANIFIX gives a really good solution, because MANIFIX nailwraps and gelwraps are very gentle to your nails. Your nails will grow more stronger, by wearing MANIFIX. Because the MANIFIX nailwraps and MANIFIX gelwraps protect your nails from breaking and tearing through their film.

  • Treatment for damaged nails.

However, before you simply reapply any kind of polish to your nails, it is advisable to have a professional manicurist to treat your nails.

She knows exactly what your nails need now and treats them with oils and treatments before the MANIFIX manicure so that they can grow back healthily.

Then MANIFIX is applied to the treated nails as a permanent manicure that is gentle to your nails.

Then MANIFIX is applied to the treated nails as a permanent manicure that is gentle to your nails.


But that’s not the only reason why Glow Concierge is worthwhile:

  • I miss my pampering

Manicure isn’t just about nails. Cuticles and hanging nails often require professional grooming. And we all know that the most pleasant manicure always ends with a hand massage, which of course you cannot do yourself;).

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Both GLOW CONVCIERGE and MANIFIX are Swiss brands that offer easy solutions for homemade manicures and pedicures.

GLOW CONICERGE comes to your home and personally does your nails gentle with MANIFIX. And before that there is a professional manicure, nail care, hand massage and everything else that goes with a great manicure experience.

Day Spa @ Home!

At GLOW CONICERGE you can order the professional manicure to your home! In addition, treatments can be combined with GLOW CONICERGE, so that at the end of the day you get that unbelievable spa day feeling. Enjoy the relaxing shoulder massage, your manicure or combine it with a facial.




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